Benefits of SEO

Doing SEO in the Philippines is a challenge enough mainly because customers, especially loyal, raving customers, are hard to come by nowadays. Marketers had already realized the increasing value of web users from both search engine and business perspectives.

Not all companies are willing to take the challenge though, but OptimindSEO begs to disagree. We are more than willing to take on a project and make it the next success story on the Internet, web presence-wise. In fact, OptimindSEO had been doing website optimization long before we first heard the term ‘SEO’.

While optimization is a relatively new concept among the Filipinos even in the corporate world, we’ve been optimizing websites right from its conceptualization. If you think that SEO here in our country is only about writing unique, informative and engaging contents to generate traffic and rank on Google, think again.

Page optimization has textual and technical aspects, and this is a core concept that fraudulent SEO companies cannot understand. Ever!

We cannot underestimate the power of SEO in the Philippines and globally. Did you know that:

  • 11 billion searches are performed in Google monthly?
  • 20% of monthly Google searches are looking for local businesses?
  • 81% of local businesses consider their corporate blogs as an important asset?
  • 93% of web user experiences start with searching?
  • 75% of the web users don’t click past the top 10 results?
  • 33% of Google organic search traffic clicks the 1st item in the results page?
  • 15% of the users will be converted into a customer?

Put simply, if you are not doing SEO in the Philippines, among other locations, and your competitors are, it won’t take long until you witness their climb to the top as the #1 company in your industry.

If you are still hesitant to do SEO Philippines, perhaps these benefits will help you in deciding whether to do SEO or not.

  • Higher organic ranking

Google likes organic optimization. While organic search is a time-consuming process, you will get on top of SERPs and stay there with minimal maintenance cost. Occupying the top position is the most direct and visible result.

  • More targeted traffic

Users who have a need for a particular product or service get to your website through relevant search terms. For instance, use ‘SEO Philippines’ if you are looking for local optimization service providers. This can result to an increase in lead, sale and thereby profitability, thereby maximizing earnings and having higher ROI.

  • Improved conversion rates

There is generic traffic and targeted traffic. Of the two, targeted traffic is those people who are already in the sales funnel. These are the individuals who are more likely to buy from you especially since they are already looking for your brand, products and services, bypassing competition in the process.

  • Improved online reputation

Psychologically, people equate brand credibility with search engine listing. The higher your website is on Google, the more reputable your brand will seem to the eyes of web users. Everyone trusts Google not just in building awareness, but also in enhancing reputation.

  • Accurate outcomes measurement

Analytics is important in determining the progress of SEO Philippines campaign, providing invaluable insights on how you can make your business in general align with the needs of users who are also your business prospects. Based on the analytics, you can make your site more Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird friendly.

  • Better site usability

Intuitive, logical and more accessible website is a must. Google requires that a website is structured so spiders may crawl the page effectively, that is, making it findable. Websites shouldn’t have low quality contents, broken links and poor navigation to increase user engagement and encourage repeat visits.

  • Social media integration

Contents have unlimited reach including the social sites. The Internet population is exponentially growing at 2.1 billion, with 1 billion of which is on Facebook. You can target your niche market through local SEO initiatives while also expanding to other market, strengthening your position against your rival. Facebook ranks Philippines as the 8th largest user of the site at 30.2 million users in 2013.

If your website is not ranking on the first page of SERPs, you are essentially giving away future customers to your rivals. This warrants the need hire a Philippine-based SEO company now. Bottom-line, optimizing your website can make your business grow.

Any SEO companies here in the Philippines can promise a high ranking, but we don’t just promise – OptimindSEO delivers! Reap the benefits of making the website more search engine friendly by letting us do your SEO for you today.

OptimindSEO offers guaranteed first page ranking on major search engines or your money back.

Ready to reap the benefits of doing SEO Philippines? Let’s talk.


Optimind offers guaranteed first page ranking on major search engines or your money back.