Decoding Leadership: What Should Really Matter

Hundreds of successful companies at present wouldn’t be at the height of their achievements if not for the people who stood up and lead the team to their goals.

Leaders and company executives matter not just because they firmly uphold the company’s visions but because they have the ability to influence employees to work their best and lead the business to success.

While good leaders can bring a venture to success, the opposite could contribute to the drastic decline of the corporate economy and business performance as a whole. This sentiment is echoed at a 2012 poll by the Center of Public Leadership at Harvard University. It showed that around “70% of Americans blame leadership crisis as a factor in the national economic decline.”

Truly, there is a direct relationship between the qualities of leadership a company has with that of its performance productivity.  Over the years, executives and management experts have been debating on the best methods to enhance the leadership skills of key personnel in any venture.

Below are considered to be among the top attributes every successful leader possess, and which aspiring executives should work on to develop.

Sincere support to colleagues

Aside from being the prime movers of any project, effective leaders are also very keen on empowering their people. They have an eye for excellence and seek to motivate the individuals in the team to help them progress and perform better.

They know that keeping people motivated is one way to maintain the high productivity within the company. As such, they continually devise strategies on how to show support and appreciation to everyone who deserve the credit.

Result orientation

People who are gifted with leadership skills value the step-by-step way of how a task is completed while at the same time keeping his or her eyes on the real goal. They know how to assess effective strategies from those that are only taking much of the people’s time.

Anyone who wants to nurture their skills in leading people has to have a result oriented mentality. This way, they wouldn’t have any problems making decisions when it comes to doing what and when. Effective leaders respect the process but are not entirely averse to the idea of improvising when the situation demands it.

They’re flexible at work and apply this attribute in or out of pressure.

Open-mindedness to welcome ideas

Employees respect leaders for their expert abilities in one field, but one thing that keeps them efficient on their roles is their humility or open-mindedness to accept ideas from colleagues.

If you’re a practicing leader yourself, you should know better that there are matters beyond your current expertise. A responsible manager knows when to step back and let other experts on their team take on the floor.

More importantly, they know who to tap for help. Aside from their rich network in the business, they use their personal experience to assess whether or not someone is capable of delivering the company’s expected result.

Efficient problem-solving skills

Among the major tasks managers and department heads are tasked to do is address business problems in the most effective way possible. This means arriving at a solution in the fastest method and preferably with the least damages to corporate assets and reputation.

Experts believe that to keep a venture’s operation well-grounded and efficient, their heads have to possess the ability to remain calm under pressure and be able to think straight in the face of any complication.

Rather than focus their attention and dread about the problem, real leaders set all their energy in finding the solution.

Acknowledging weaknesses but not spending time on them

At a more personal level, real leaders know how to recognize their weakness. They know the limits of their capacities and are willing to work with people who can fill in that gap. However, they are also wise enough to know that dealing with what they cannot do is a total waste of time.

Instead, they focus on using their strengths to its full extent.

Calm and confident demeanor

Once you become a leader, people start looking up to you. You automatically become a role model that members ought to emulate. One of the most important attributes leaders need to possess is the ability to exude confidence and calmness in tight situations.

Don’t get me wrong. This doesn’t mean that people in the managerial positions have to be totally insensitive to the problems experienced by the employees on the field. On the contrary, this talks about how they should be able to spot those issues firsthand and be able to address them with absolute control. In short, they should not panic.

Honest and critical perspective

Honesty is a major factor in any business and leaders always have to be at the forefront of exercising the quality. Otherwise, he or she won’t be able to set up a good example for the rest of the employees.

To complement honesty is a more practical skill which is critical thinking. It’s something not everyone has, but is highly necessary for keeping all things in order.  Having an analytical mind is also a key to an effective setting of priorities.

They say that there are people born with a natural skill and charisma to lead. However, it is also true that this skill can be learned over time through constant practice.

In this digital age, companies are in dire need of people who can lead the team of creative individuals such as those working for link building services. As employees dealing with a broad market niche and potentially overseas clients, they need all the support they can get from leaders who are there to guide and help them prosper in their careers.

Whether you are a practicing manager or someone who is eyeing for a chance to lead a team soon, it’s best to know the rules of the game beforehand. Get to know the specifics of what you’re expected to deliver. Ask experts for their inputs and be ready to learn the brass tacks of what leadership demands.

Several types of research already revealed the most important things that matter on this field. There’s no reason why you should count any of them out on your must-learn skills.

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