Integrating Good Music to Blogging: How it Trigger Creativity, Awareness and Motivation

Is listening to music really helps us in focusing our work? Well, that depends on what kind of music you are listening to! As we all know, music is a way of expressing oneself when we cannot put it into words.  It is for this reason why music is regarded as one of the triumphs of human creativity.

Some writers do well whenever they listen to music, and always have it on while completing their articles. However, for some, listening to music is debateable. They usually find it distracting. Perhaps, you are listening to the wrong music at a wrong time. Yes, there are music that puts off your focus (eg. Rock, Metal rock, etc.).

Generally, you can definitely identify music from noise and/or a good music from a crappy one. The effectiveness of music depends whether you like what you hear or not. There might be some of you here who listens to music without even realizing its beneficial effects. Now, here are those:

Music increases your focus

As a writer, maintaining our focus is a crucial thing to do. Some of you here get easily distracted even with the slightest sound around them. While others, they need to listen to music in order for them to create a good content and start writing. If you are working in a place where noise is everywhere and you tend to lose your focus, then listening to good music is one of your escapes. Music will definitely give you a sense of normalcy and improve your focus as you go along with your writings.

Music lifts your mood

As a writer, we want our contents to be interesting and engaging. However, there might be some of you here usually and easily feel discourage. Being frustrated on the topics and/or the contents that we have made is inevitable. That is why, whenever we feel like our topic seems off, or even when we don’t know what to write at all, we usually have a bad feeling about it. Why not try listening to one of your favourite songs? Through it, it can brightens up your mood and boost your self-esteem. Of course, you also have to listen to the tunes that can make you feel happy and enthusiastic to work and write better contents.

Music lyrics can inspire you

If you haven’t realized it yet, there are certain lyrics of the song that can give you an idea on what to write next, especially if you don’t have anything that you can think of. If want to write about fashion, you can listen and have some inspiration from the hit tract “Suit & Tie” by Justin Timberlake, and/or listen to the song of Shontelle “T-shirt”, “Fashionista” by Jimmy James, etc.

Wait, there are still more! Writers also have their own set of songs¬¬ to be inspired with. You will definitely love the song “Paperback writer” by The Beatles, “Screenwriter’s Blues” by Soul Counghing, “Everyday I write the book” by Elvis Costello, and many other songs that will inspire you to write more.

However, there is a caveat though; lyrics can also be a distraction. Sometimes, you tend to sing along with the lines of the song without realizing you are already paying too much attention to the song and not with the content that you have. There are writers who just listen to music without any lyrics at all. With that, your full attention is on their article.

Music can bring emotion

When we listen to music, there are certain songs that can bring back the memories from your past. Although your memories might bring back a happy or a tragic one, it can still lead you to feel about a particular thing. For instance, if you feel like writing about a sad love story, then listening to a sad song can help you unleash your emotional side.

There are even times that writer who listens to music tends to be carried away by their emotions and creates a perfect scene for their story. Of course, that will always be depends on what kind of music that can bring sadness or happiness that can also be incorporated by the content that you make.

Music can act as a powerful anchor

Writers definitely know that creating a good article is not that simple, there are certain things to consider before you can start writing. Basically, if you lack the determination and motivation in writing, then coming up a good content might be difficult to achieve.

However, listening to music can be used as a transition in coming up an idea and feeling towards the article that you are making. That transition can be a powerful anchor and/or basis to achieve an interesting topic. And once you have found the right music, you can use it any time you need to have a brainstorming session. The more you listen to a particular song, the more it continuously triggers the inspiration you are looking for.

Music is scientifically proven to shift brain waves

Sometimes, we have this misconception in mind that the inspiration that comes from music is only our imaginary. Nope! There are scientific explanations why listening to good music can boost creativity, awareness and motivation. When we listen to music, it creates a great impact on our brains and bodies.

There are also studies that have shown that the right kind of music can help you relax your mind which enables you to concentrate better. The more you feel relax, the more creative you can be.

Listening to music is more than entertainment and fun. Generally, with so many things to do at work, or in school, music has become an important way to “optimize the boring”. Moreover, music has increasingly become a part of the modern work session, especially when we seek an inspiration to write articles, novels, scripts, and/or any other forms of content.

Of course, we listen to music that we like and enjoy. It makes us feel different and inspired all throughout the day. In my case, as a writer, I’m picky when it comes to the selection of music. I usually listen to instrumentals like Jazz, Bossa Nova, Sax, classics. Generally, the music that I’m going to listen is going to make my entire day, which is why I usually pick good music for me to keep my sanity. And don’t forget Bach and Mozart, listening to their songs is definitely beneficial to you.

How about you? What kind of music that inspires you to write?

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