Local SEO: Five (5) Critical Mistakes To Avoid On Local SEO

The criteria for ranking on local search results slightly differ from how it is done on global searches. While the former primarily focuses on targeting the local population using geographically-related phrases, the latter on the other hand, is designed to reach wider audience on a worldwide scale. Nevertheless, both have common goals in mind: to generate leads, traffic and hopefully have it converted into sales later on.


What To Avoid Committing When Doing Local SEO

Learn which critical mistakes to avoid while performing this marketing strategy. Here are five (5) of them.

 1.       Absence of and inconsistency in NAP information. NAP stands for Name, Address and Phone Number. Whether you are doing your usual link building services, making directory submissions or simply putting out your details on numerous avenues around the web, it is critical to be consistent with your NAP at all times. Be certain that it is present on your website namely: your homepage, About Us, Contact Us and other important pages. Make sure that when you do citations and Google Places listing, you are using the same info all throughout.

 2.       Inaccurate data. It will certainly hurt your credibility if you provide erroneous address and phone or contact number whenever you do your SEO strategies. It will create a negative impact to your reputation and may be a big contributor to making your current and future consumers lose trust in your brand. Prevent this from happening by ensuring that all your information on the web is accurate and true.

 3.       Too much optimization. Regardless if you are an SEO company who handles multiple clients or a local restaurateur who wants to have his restaurant known within the vicinity, keep in mind that keyword stuffing on the business name, description and citations will do more harm than good. This will get you nowhere near the top of the results and in fact, may become a huge factor for you to get blocked by Google.

 4.       Incorrect category listings. If you are hoping to get more customers by getting yourself listed in several categories, you are in for a big mistake. Precision is another key to good rankings so stick to only one category and make sure that it is the correct one.

5.       Multiple Google Places landing pages. Forget about setting up multiple profiles in hope to influence the local SEO algorithm or to boost your position in the SERP. Remove unnecessary copies to avoid getting penalized.

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