10 things you should look for in an SEO company

  1. Company Size and Structure

    In SEO, the larger the team is the better. In your search for an SEO company, find out how many dedicated SEO staffs will be assigned to your SEO campaign. The more staff, the shorter it will take for you to rank on your chosen keywords.How is their SEO team structured?¬†What is the organization’s structure? A company’s efficiency can be affected by how the company is structured. Find out about this too.

  2. Accessibility

    In SEO, as well as in any digital marketing service, location is not an issue. Instead, you need to know how accessible the company is in terms of virtual communication channels. Do they operate 24×7? How fast can they respond to your queries and requests?

  3. Company Values and Vision

    A company without a vision and a core set of values can be chaotic. Find out about the company’s vision and their guiding values. See if this aligns with the services they are selling.

  4. Culture

    Study shows that a company with culture has happier employees. Happier employees then leads to better quality work. If possible, visit the company to see what their culture is like. You may also request a virtual meeting with the team that will handle your seo campaign to assess how the team will work together.

  5. Quality of their Website’s content

    Quality of the SEO Company’s website content is important. If the SEO company can’t write quality content and images on their own website, how can they produce a quality SEO Campaign?

  6. Softwares/Tools Used

    Ask about the softwares/tools that these companies use. Quality and efficiency are affected by the type of softwares and tools they use. Ask about the softwares/tools they use to perform SEO audit on a website and what tools they use to improve their efficiency.

  7. Employee Retention

    The longer the experience of an seo staff with a company, the more knowledgeable they are. This means, they’ve been there through the different phases of SEO evolution. They say that the more you know about history, the better prepared you are about the future. Search engine algorithms evolve rapidly. In 2012 alone, there about 14 updates made for their Panda algorithm and 3 updates for Penguin.

  8. Ranking on Search EnginesHow do these companies rank on search engines on the services they provide? If they can’t rank, how can they rank you?
  9. Technical Knowledge

    How knowledgeable is the team in SEO strategies? How long have they’ve been doing this service?

  10. Ranking Portfolio

    Lastly, a good ranking portfolio is required to support everything above. Ask for sample rankings from clients and client references to verify their portfolio.

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