SEO Guide: How to Do SEO on Your Own

Can we? Really?

It is a must for every digital marketer to know how important a guaranteed SEO is and what it can do for our website. Without it, it is just impossible for any website to improve its ranking on search engines.

There are digital marketers who want to do SEO on their own, which raises also a lot of questions. Is it possible and legal to do SEO on our own? Is it doable? Are we still going to achieve the desired page ranking for our website if we do SEO ourselves?

Yes, you can!

Despite its inherent risks, doing SEO by yourself is completely doable and it has advantages, too. Well, if you have brilliant strategies on how you can make your website rank above any other websites, then why not?!

Point is, doing the basics of SEO is advantageous enough than not doing them at all. Here are some of the SEO basics that I am talking about.

Create blog posts

Start by creating blog posts, but publishing blog posts doesn’t just mean writing. You write for your readers with the goal of making them informed on the things that they need to know and understand about a certain topic or niche.

Creating a good and engaging blog post is important for your website to rank on the top of Google and other search engines. And when you create a captivating blog posts, you are grabbing the people’s attention. You caught their interest and hopefully, they will explore your website further than the homepage.

There are elements that make a blog post more successful. An interesting headline is one of these elements. Of course, the content itself must be informative. Always be attentive to the things that can grab the online user’s attention. Know the trendy topics and use them as your leverage for engaging people in your blog posts.

Another key to engagement is making your content as simple and comprehensible as possible to the extent that your reader would easily understand what your topic is all about. Remember KISS? Keep it simple and don’t leave your readers confused.

Build a social presence

As a digital marketer, there will always be the need for you to be active socially. You have to know what interest your target audience, so that you will have an idea on how to properly address their levels of engagement while they are on your site. Paying attention to the reader’s needs is always a plus on your side as a digital marketer or as a blogger if you are more comfortable calling yourself as such.

To engage socially, it means interactive by sharing about a new article on the sites wherein the majority of the target consumers can see and relate to it. Interacting also means liking and sharing other interesting articles that people want to read. Don’t hesitate to share other company’s content. After all, the engagement is directed to your site and not on your competitors’. The more interesting the contents you share, the more people will share them.

As much as possible, do not neglect your public’s suggestions or opinions. Try to engage in a conversation when needed. Say thank you to them when they give a good feedback about your brand, staff, product or service. Appreciation can further boost their interest in your company and it what it offers and does.

Attend to the needs of the people as your customers. Politely accepting their bad feedback and trying to improve the part wherein they are not satisfied is also one way of making the people interact more with your site. Create a rapport between you and them as your customers. That’s the bottom-line.

Look for guest blogging opportunities

It is a good opportunity when you try to guest post on different websites or blogs. Publishing your article on their website can escalate your own website’s viewership due to the viewership of that site you intend to submit a guest post or article. Of course, you have to be very careful in choosing the website to post your articles.

When shortlisting sites that allow guest posting, try to look for a website that has high-quality traffic. You also have to make sure that the website you are going to publish your article is related to your topic. There are thousands of related websites that allow article submission. Unfortunately, not all of these sites accumulate the appropriate traffic volume and ranking results.

Monitor your account

It is a must to monitor the viewership of your website or blog. By doing this, you can track the performance of your website traffic and ranking-wise.

There are actually two monitoring tools that you can use. These are Google Analytic and Authority Labs. These tools can help you. Without any of these, it will be difficult for you to know the status of your website.

Specifically, the tool helps in finding out how your visitors locate your website. Google Analytics, for instance, also identifies what keywords are most used by your visitors. As you dig deeper into the demographics of your visitors, you will be able to identify what kinds of people are mostly visiting your site and from where. In simpler terms, the tools will help you to evaluate your website’s traffic flow whether it is gaining more and more visitors or not.

With all the statistics that the tools made available to their users, you may conveniently take note of what needs to be changed or improved in your website or your strategy, in general.

Monitoring plays a big part in improving your website or blog’s ranking on the results pages. That is why you have to be very keen when it comes to the status of your website and the improvements that need to be done.

These are just the SEO basics that you can do on your own. By following the practical tips noted above, there is no reason why your SEO will not be successful. There will always be a caveat though. Doing SEO by yourself is risky. If you have the knowledge or capacity to do it then, you may hire an SEO consulting service. Just make sure that the SEO consultant that you are about to consult is credible enough to do the SEO successfully for you not to regret hiring it.

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