Complete SEO Package

From keyword research to analytics, OptimindSEO offers you a full SEO solution. Complete website optimization solutions start from ₱20,000/month ($500/month). Our complete Philippine SEO package includes the following services:

seo consultingSEO Consulting and Auditing

Find out how you stand against your competitors and customers. How effective is your current SEO strategy? Upon contracting OptimindSEO for a complete SEO package, our SEO experts will begin by auditing your current website and finding out about your marketing goals. In this way, we can come up with a custom SEO plan to achieve your goals. Know more about our SEO Consulting Service.

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keyword researchKeyword Research 

Which keywords will bring in more traffic and higher conversion rate? Let us help you identify the keywords that you should be targeting to get the most out of your SEO campaign. Targeting the right keywords ensures higher sales and return of investment (ROI). OptimindSEO provides a keyword metric report inclusive to the SEO packages to determine the most accurate keywords for your site. We determine keyword effectiveness as well. Know more about our Keyword Research Service.

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link buildingLink Building

Links are still essential for ranking your website in search engine results. This is the reason link building is always included in various SEO packages. OptimindSEO delivers only the best quality and relevant links to ensure that you can’t easily be brought down by your competitors. We value relevancy hence we strive to make anchor texts and links as relevant as possible to the keywords. In this end, we don’t do link building casually, but aggressively pursue high quality links on highly competitive levels. Know more about our Link Building Service.

local search optimizationLocal Search Optimization 

Be found on local search, that is, Searches using your default browser search bar, mobile phones, and default local search engine contributes to about 80% of search traffic. About 30% of the searches also contain the name of the place which means that people also search where to find your product or service exactly. Local SEO, as a fundamental part of our SEO packages, is most appropriate for service providers such as doctors, dentists, restaurants, contractors, etc. Know more about our Local Search Optimization Service.

web analytics

Traffic Analytics

How do all of these ties up? As part of our Philippine SEO packages, you will receive quarterly analysis of your website’s performance. What are your best performing keywords? How do you stand against competitors in terms of search? Aside from understanding how and where the traffic comes from, we will also determine how the traffic behaves once it is on your website. Traffic behavior is critical to align the strategies on such behaviors. Know more about our Traffic Analysis Service.

NOTE: Each of the service above can be contracted independently. Also, we can offer SEO packages in the Philippines based on your needs. An appropriate SEO strategy for your site is determined through an SEO auditing.

top secret seo strategy

OptimindSEO’s Top Secret SEO Strategy

Our SEO packages come with OptimindSEO’s Top Secret SEO Strategy. This strategy has brought numerous websites to the top of search engine results for very competitive keywords. Understand that SEO in the Philippines has gotten more difficult with the launch of new updates several times a month. To keep up with these changes, we continually change our strategy so we can keep your websites on the top positions.

seo with money back guaranteeMoney Back Guarantee 

OptimindSEO offers money back guarantee if we fail to rank your website on search results. Of all the companies offering Philippine SEO packages, OptimindSEO is the only firm that offers a money-back guarantee. Professionals that we are, this is how confident we are in our capability to rank your website on top of SERPs. Contact us for more information about this.

Optimind offers guaranteed first page ranking on major search engines or your money back.