SEO Strategy: 5 Reasons Why You Sometimes Fail

Having a lot of ideas in mind can be overwhelming. It sometimes makes us feel excited to write down what we have in our minds. It also motivates us to accomplish the things that are the products of our ideas. Yet sometimes, creating new and engaging write-ups for your audience can be daunting, especially when the instruction is to achieve guaranteed SEO results.

You might wonder why you just can’t get the desired outcome regardless of how effective your strategy is. And based on the results of your traffic, it may be frustrating to think that sometimes your ideas you have poured all your efforts into just won’t work. Not just frustrating, but it is also disappointing to you and your audience.

There are actually a lot of reasons you sometimes fail to deliver strategic SEO. Perhaps, you might already know that there is something lacking or missing when you created the idea. Perhaps, that’s something that you missed is the most important part of creating a good SEO strategy.

Let me just help you in remembering those points. So that. You won’t end up with crappy ideas that you must not publish in the first place since your audience will not read them anyway.

1. Do you forget the why, or the real impact your idea will have?

Not all SEO copywriters will not admit to this, but sometimes, we tend to forget the importance of the content. We often forget the basics such as how your content may impact your readers. At times, we forget how interesting an article may be to them. The failure to create an interesting and engaging content may lead to fewer visitors on your site. Not to mention, the bounce rate when your readers are not satisfied with what they’ve read.

Knowing what interest your readers is always a plus. Who knows, but you can also extract new ideas from the process and from your readers themselves. It is just a matter on how attentive you are when it comes to the interests and preferences of your readers. You have to be keen and observant enough on how they approached every topic that you make. When it doesn’t give much impact to them, then change it to a much better one that resonates more with them.

2. Do you give up too easily?

When you do SEO, the things that make us discouraged are always around us. For instance, when we heard or read a bad feedback on our site on how poor your ideas are and on how uninteresting and less engaging your site is. These are one of the things that frustrates us and which leads us to despair. When we feel discouraged, we tend to give up easily. We feel frustrated on the outcomes of our ideas, leading to implementing poor SEO strategies that only hurt the website some more.

Turning your dismay into something noteworthy such as challenging ourselves to do better may not be easy. This is so true when our emotions are high. What we don’t realize is that putting our passion and interest on our ideas can create one unique, interesting and engaging idea for our readers. It is really up to you whether you will entertain the thought or not.

3.     Do you skip experimentation?

Coming up with the most engaging idea is not a guarantee that your next SEO strategy will be as successful as the previous ones. When you have an idea and used it over and over again, your readers will be dismayed on how lousy your site is. All they want is to see a new site which will grab their interest.

Experiment. Change the things that make your site plain and boring. Or, you can even have an interactive activity on your site that you think your visitors will really like and appreciate. Do things that make your site unique, so it will stand out from the rest. Try new things and observe how each works.

Better yet, you can also diversify your ideas based on the ideas of your competitors. Observe what they usually do to have an engaging site Grab that chance and make your own strategy out of it. It is not a bad thing after all, for as long you made your own unique SEO strategy.

 4. Do you lack interest personally?

Generally, doing SEO and coming up a new SEO strategy takes a lot of our time, yes? Such a demanding task, it requires a lot of thinking about how to make your audience satisfied with your site and what you publish in it. In some instances, we just can’t achieve the desired outcome because the strategies that we have in mind are just too difficult to implement. Or so we thought.

Doing SEO requires patience. It doesn’t work out overnight. You have to think what piques the curiosity of your readers the most. When you think that your ideas won’t create a good outcome, then you have to think of another strategy that your audience will surely love. Or, you can even improvise new ideas out of your previous strategy. Put simply, draw inspiration from your previous ideas to have a uniquely new SEO strategy.

5.     Do you overdo it?

When you have overwhelming ideas flowing through your mind, you would  want to put them on your site.  However, visitors definitely hate it when the site that they visited is overly done. Your ideas might be good, but not good enough for other people. Putting unnecessary things on your site can sometimes annoy them more so when your website is not very user-friendly.

Knowing how to control and organize your ideas is a must for you not to overdo it and not overwhelm your readers. You have to identify the things that are important and must be included to make it easier for your visitors and readers to comprehend your website in one viewing as well as understand your contents. You have to think what your audience would like and would not like to see when they visit your visit. Most importantly, make it simple and accessible for them to stay (meaning: dwell) on your site.

Guaranteed and sustainable SEO means having high-quality traffic on your website. It all starts with an idea though. As much as possible, try to avoid these situations.

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