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Search engine optimization or SEO is one of the most essential tools in online business marketing. It is fundamental as it is necessary, as it will assist you in positioning your website correctly so that it can be found at the most critical points in the purchase process or when people need to find what they are looking for and that should be—your website. Basically, if you are a business owner looking to get your business out there, advertise online and have more people know your brand, you might as well engage in the services of an SEO Company. SEO companies will help you give your brand recognition as well as herd potential customers and clients to your website, resulting in increased web traffic.

However, if you want to maximize your website’s potential and make the most out of the services of your selected SEO Company, there are also several ways you can optimize your website for SEO use yourself. Key questions you should ask yourself are: What are search engines looking for? Is there a way to build your website in such a way that will please visitors and potential customers as well as Google, Yahoo!, and other search engines? After you have thoroughly assessed what your website needs and answered these questions, here are the ways you can optimize your website:

 Use Keywords that are laced with Common Sense

This one is rather obvious. But to elaborate, you need to ask yourself who your potential clients and visitors are? Who do you think is going to look for your services or products? And how do you think they will formulate their search? (e.g. What keywords would they apply and type into search engine boxes?) Do not stress the details. If you have a pastry business that specializes in making cakes, keywords will most likely be cake, desserts, oven goods, sweets and so on. If you want people to know where your business stands and operates, your keywords may include your area. Should your area be somewhere along Luneta St., you might want to include that in the keywords you select and use.

Identify your Primary and Secondary Keywords

In addition to using your keywords as tags at the back end of your website (which we will get into later), it is important to use the most significant keywords as content at the front end of your website. Select those keywords, which you think have a great chance at becoming one of the top results for a particular search. Try formulating questions from your potential visitor’s perspective. For example, does your pastry shop have a low calorie option, a sugar-free selection? Having “pastry” or “cake” simply as a keyword would be a fatal choice for your primary keyword as this is an umbrella keyword that encompasses millions of others websites dedicating to pastries and cakes and you would not want to compete with that.

It would also be great move to qualify your primary and secondary keywords as much as possible in order for you to target and corner your niche market. Choose keywords that would potentially and significantly lower down your competition. Get creative and think of subcategories instead of plainly just categories. Qualify your keywords with something descriptive to eliminate potential competition in the search results.

Use keywords as your Tags

Be resourceful and utilize the “tags” section of your website to your heart’s content. Key in any and all the words and phrases you think are related to your topic, separating each word or phrase with a comma. View it from every aspect and angle. Think of all the ways that might draw potential visitors to your business. Contemplate on what makes your business unique; what sets it apart from the others. Do you offer anything that makes you so special? Is there anything that might set you apart from other businesses that are roughly in the same line as you are?

These are the focal points you need to consider in order to generate more unique keywords and have people discover your website and your business better.

Hyperlinking Keywords in Your Website Content is helpful

Words which are hyperlinked and are emphasized are considered especially relevant on your website, they are the meatiest portion of the content in your website so be wise and creative in utilizing them. Hyperlinked words get an extra bonus with the search engines when they are hyperlinked to other pages with the same hyperlinked keywords. Because such is the case, ensure that your hyperlinked keywords go on and lead to another hyperlinked keyword. In fact, the more akin your hyperlinked word is to a Russian Doll, the more efficacious it will be.

Produce Pertinent Incoming Links         

Teamwork is essential in optimizing your website as well. This is where other websites come in, and they can be just as useful to you as you are to them. This is the reason why you should be sure to reach out to others in your field (cross blog as much as possible). And when you do contribute content for someone else’s site, you will not only get access to that particular website but you will also have their website pointing at yours (through hyperlinks in your content and blog post). Of course, you should also have the courtesy of promoting that individual’s site through your own network and website. This encapsulates every online marketing strategy you have such as social media pages and your mailing list. It would also be a wise practice to ask writers to contribute content to your site and have him or her promote that particular post throughout her network. This would increase the links indicating and pointing to your site.

In sum, SEO is one of the leading ways to get your business noticed and is one of the most effective online marketing tools. You should always keep SEO at the forefront of your mind and follow the wisest and best practices to fully maximize your website’s potential. SEO Companies are an asset but they work best when complemented with your very own efforts in maximizing your website.




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