Venturing SEO: Reasons for Millennials to Become A Better Entrepreneur

Every one of us wants to achieve that momentum in our lives where we can be as successful as we wanted to be. It may be in the field of technology, such as creating a start up link building services firm, or music such as building up a career in it. There are in fact lots of ways to do it, but some of us, especially the Millennials who needed more push and motivation to make this a real thing, should have clearer views on why you should chase the dream.

How do you define success?

As the saying from Tony Robbins goes, “Success is doing what you want, when you want, where you want, with whom you want as much as you want,” there is that itch that comes right out from your gut that makes you agree on it. After all, I guess we are on the same page, right?

To us (or many of us), to be successful is just how Mr. Robbins grabbed the whole idea into a one-sentence streak of epiphany. And by doing so, we should be getting closer to making that move and realizing that dream.

Below are some reasons why being a Millennial entrepreneur is a much more exciting feat than any other 9-5 hour pay job you should have:

You have the passion and the reason to do things.

Yes, all of us might have that. But for a Millennial who wants to pursue entrepreneurship at a whole new level, first and foremost, should know that passion is what should drive you. In addition to that, for the passion to be fuelled and to make it stronger than ever, you should believe in yourself that you have the correct reasons why you wanted to pursue this in the first place.

Success from doing what you want is one reason for you to go on, but that should not be the end goal. Knowingly, success becomes the fruit of doing what you love, out of passion. And by having that in place, you are so far doing it right. Just have the heart and mind to push for it.

You are an expert at something.

This means you have the knowledge to make things better. Being an expert should be something you want to be proud about, but you can be proud about it as much as you want as long as you have put that expertise to good use. People acknowledging your work, I guess, is something one can truly say that his or her existence is as better as not being able to let the world know.

Being expert at something is just the same as saying that you have a creative knowledge and idea to make things go further—better. With this, it aims to be more innovative and to push for others to also learn from you.

 It drives you crazy when you think you can do better.

It is not about being conceited but oftentimes, the righteous selves within us wants to be unleashed because we know something that others do not know— one key you can use in order to lead. As an entrepreneur, you should always find ways in order to be better and be able to help out in the society, in one way or another. By making this as a mantra, you will surely make way to that path of success.

You have the resources. 

Others may have, but not everyone will. If you think you are one of the ‘others’ who has the resources to pursue such endeavour—lucky you. Not everyone who wants to start right away (given with the ideas they have in mind) can’t immediately do so because there are hindrances that can’t be disregarded, but hey, this should not be a reason for you to slack off.

Having enough resources like funding, savings and other forms is a gem for an aspiring entrepreneur because money is a need for you to push through. However, despite not having enough funds, it is a sure ball that there are still other ways you can bargain with.

You want to earn (of course).

Simply put, you want to earn cash. And not just cash, but hard-earned cash! It would not make sense if you want to be an entrepreneur if you don’t have profit. Yet, this thought should not eat you up after reaching that certain kind of success everyone dreams of.

There are others who want to earn enough cash to pay the bills, have a decent meal everyday, a roof under the head and perhaps some wheels for your transfers in meeting clients. And some would want to go places, visit different countries, see the world and still make things happen.

You want to have your own flexible time.

Sure you want to own your time, do what you want, whenever you want to. Having a flexible work schedule is something one would be chasing to have. Aside from that, it also helps to adapt this kind of working lifestyle because it will also be healthy for you, at some point.

And mind you, this is the ultimate dream.

You want to change the course of the world.

Change is something everyone is and will always be dealing with on a daily basis. As an entrepreneur, it is safe to say that you have the world in your hands. You are presented by a lot of opportunities and possibilities and it is your goal how you could ace the game in the industry you are in.

Let us say for example, you wanted to put up an SEO company that normally does link building services among clients’ websites and rankings. It is a very usual feat to do for such nature of company. But in order for you to change the ‘course of the world’, you need to be innovative. You need to come up with more new ways and approaches that will serve what the world needs.

Goals are important, and as far as making ambitions, dreaming big is always welcome. As long as again, you strive hard to make it work and turn it into a realisation. In the end, the world will thank you for doing so.  This is to motivate that anyone with the dream can naturally pursue one as long as you have, again, the reason and passion to make things happen, one step at a time.

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