Youtube Marketing: Four (4) Ways To Get BacklinksTo Your Youtube Videos

If you’re in the search marketing industry, you would know that Google considers strong backlinks as one of its major indicators to rank a website on the SERP (Search Engine Results Page). The same goes for videos. If Google sees that many authority sites have backlinks to a particular video, it would think of it as something of great relevance and importance.

This is one of the reasons why an SEO company or enthusiast does not limit its optimization practices to on-page alone, i.e. Youtube video page. Off-page plays an important role in getting good search engine rankings as well.

How To Get Backlinks To Your Youtube Videos

Acquire incoming links to your Youtube videos. Here are four (4) quick tips to show you how.

1. Embed it on your blog.

Blogs are excellent avenues to insert your videos on. It is fresh, frequently updated and Google simply loves that. Write a quality content that goes well with the video you are promoting. Do not forget to include social media icons on the entry so users can easily share your article.

2. Post it on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest.

On Facebook, you could add the Youtube link on the Timeline, design an engaging photo with your Youtube URL in the description or use an App to fetch your channel as a tab. On Twitter, get people’s feedback by asking open-ended questions as captions. The more people interact or reply on the said tweet, the higher the chance you’ll increase the number of links it gets.

3. Hold a promotional campaign.

Holding contests that require participants to re-blog or re-embed your video is not a new concept. Not only will it increase your views but it will give you the number of links that you are aiming for. You can start with a small prize such as free dinner, concert or movie tickets. Allot three to four days for the promotion to run. The contest does not have to be limited to weblogs. You can hold it on Facebook and Twitter as well. Perform an initial research first to gauge your target audience to ensure the success of the campaign. During the planning stage, see to it that the linking would be done as natural and as gradual as possible too.

4. Share it on the bookmarking websites.

It may be considered as an old tactic to submit it to Delicious, StumbleUpon and Folkd. However, do not totally erase them from the equation as these sites still count. You just need keep your link building service strategy to minimum, that is, do not build them in huge volumes all in one day. Submit to both no-follow and do-follow websites. Vary your title, description and keywords. Perform the backlinking regularly.

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