WordPress SEO: Four (4) Ways To Improve Your Internal Link Structure

Devising a good linking strategy is a must in any digital marketing campaign. From analyzing the linkswithin the webpage to optimizing content for inbound opportunities, it is integral for all website owners to focus on this aspect as this is one of the significant factors that contribute to how high or low the site would rank on major search engines like Google. The higher the SERP position is, the bigger the chance for traffic conversion and lead generation.

Four (4) ways to improve the structure of your links

Learn how you could maximize the usage of standard WordPress features to boost your rankings and come up with guaranteed SEO results.

1. Widgets.

With its built-in widgets, WordPress has made it extremely easy for its users to customize the various elements of their blog. For instance, you could quickly add your popular or recent articles and put them along your Sidebar. You could also interlink your main pages such as About, Contact and Privacy Policy and include them on the Footer area. Considering that the sidebar and footer sections are visible on all of your webpages, putting them there is a great way to establish deep interlinking. Let us not forget the ever user-friendly navigation system that WP provides. You could build your top menu in just a few clicks. Insert your most visited category or tag URLs and you’re good to go.

2. Excerpts.

Excerpts are post teasers normally displayed on the homepage. Instead of showing the entire content of your article, the visitor would see a preview first and if he wants to learn further, he could click “Read More”. As the admin, you could modify the default “Read More” and change it to your entry title. You could go as far as inserting your key terms there to optimize your keyword strat.

3. Advanced Linking Option.

This is perhaps one of the underused features in WP when it comes to interlinks. To access this, go to the Edit Post Box, highlight a piece of text then choose the Link icon. On screen just below “Enter destination URL”, you’ll see the label “Or link to existing content”. With this feature, you could find a list of available posts and easily connect them to what you think is deemed fit for the current one.

4. Plugins.

There are several plugins in WordPress that offer link building service as part of its feature. You could go from automatically connecting a keyword to its landing page if the word appears on one of the entries to displaying related posts based on the tags and meta keywords.

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