Link Building Services

Off-page optimization is one of the two components of SEO, the other being on-page optimization. The former is also known as link building wherein the goal is getting as many relevant and quality inbound links as possible. Inbound links represent votes to your site. The more votes you have, the better position you’ll get on search results. Link building makes up about 80-85% of your rank value.

Why build links

While the aesthetics and technicalities of your website always count, it will only be useless if it isn’t getting any links. The site’s ranking will be terrible. Building links is essential because it:

  • Increases direct and indirect visitors
  • Connects the site with real humans
  • Establishes the site as an authority
  • Indicates how useful the entire site is
  • Makes your website more trustworthy
  • Signals Google that the site is crawl-ready
  • Reduces the chance of getting penalized by Google

Links are not created equal. Their quantity is as important as the quality of the sites linking back to you. When the wrong sites link back to you, Google may regard your site as spam and remove it from its lists. That’s the worst case scenario that you don’t want to be in.

OptimindSEO can help you staying on the safe zone with our off-page optimization. Understanding the ins and outs of link building requirements is quite challenging, but someone has to do the job, right? What we offer are performance-based services that specifically cater to the nature of your business. We will target websites on your niche to maximize the results of the campaign.

Our link building services

link building servicesLink Analysis

Our in-house SEO experts will examine your website to determine the volume of inbound links, where these links come from and how relevant the links are, among others. After conducting a complete analysis of the site’s backlink profile, we will perform the link building activities required.

There are very specific link criteria. Links may make or break your search engine ranking. Good links are based on quality and relevancy. So you can’t just use any software to build your inbound links. We send a link analysis report including recommendations on a regular basis throughout the campaign.

Content writing

We, at OptimindSEO, take link building seriously. We also offer article and press release writing and submission. We write articles that have at least 500 words. We make sure that these articles are relevant and are written in proper English. We may also publish the written articles on your corporate blog if you want.

We also create and submit contents for websites such as Wikipedia, Squidoo, eHow, HubPages, etc. These sites have a page rank of at least 5. Imagine getting 100 PR 5 and above links.

Link Building Training

OptimindSEO also offers SEO training which includes proper link building if ever you decide to do link building in-house.

Our Link Builders

OptimindSEO houses only the most competent link builders. These strategists are trained in doing off-page optimization to ensure that your website will rank high on search engines. They are also fully equipped with the right tools and software programs that help them conduct a thorough link analysis.

Building links is an agonizingly lengthy process. Let’s kick-start your campaign! Contact us now for a free initial link analysis of your website.


Optimind offers guaranteed first page ranking on major search engines or your money back.