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So you have sat down, had your morning coffee and booted up your computer. This week is going to be like any other week with ideas flowing from you as easily as how you made your morning coffee. You certainly expect to have your work journal lined up with several topics and with their corresponding target dates by the end of the day. Yep, you certainly have it figured it out. Any time now — just any time now — you would begin firing away on that personal computer and have your fingers relentlessly drumming on the keyboard.


But the more you stared at that white screen and that persistent blinking cursor, the more annoying it became and you obviously grew more frustrated. As you tap your table, you want to lash out a million or so expletives. This was supposed to be easy! You took this job for a reason and now it feels like your idea well has run dry. As you roll your pen up and down your palm, a bright flash and an impulsive stroke of genius suddenly illuminates your otherwise darkened head. You decided you were going to do a fascinating piece about how insurance affects our daily lives. It was profoundly brilliant and you distinctly wondered how it took you so long to engender this idea. As your shaking fingers hover over the keyboard, your monthly editorial calendar beckons you to look.


You do not want to because you know what would happen if you do. But then you knew you had to, so you sighed in resignation and took a peek. Crap. The topic you thought you cunningly thought of has already been done three weeks ago, by you no less, As you shook your head in defeat and disbelief, you thought your brilliance just might have run out. You want to produce something thought-provoking, something inspiring, something clever and something your potential readers may actually want to read. You do not want to produce blog articles and posts simply for the fact that you want to meet your weekly quota.


No. That would reduce what you are doing into something most people would call “work.” When you produce articles and pieces, they are not simply because of work, they are what you would consider, your art. These are your masterpieces, your babies if you may say. Many might accuse you of being a perfectionist, but this is precisely why the mortifying thought of producing anything less than stellar is unacceptable and downright terrifying.


However, it is a reality that most people are unaware of the demands the writer sets upon himself or herself. Particularly true as not everyone is born a writer. But now with each idea you come up with sounding more absurd and more unoriginal than the last, you begin to wonder if you had not only managed to meet your monthly quota but used up your quota for clever ideas as well. You begin to wonder if you should just think of a substandard topic and get on with your writing. Then again, you were exceptionally known for your riveting and novel ideas which would mean choosing the easier alternative is unthinkable.


So, how do you accomplish this? Not to mention you have your SEO Company to take into account for the insertion of keywords in your write-ups. You cannot even think of a topic, let alone insert a keyword. To date, this has been your biggest dilemma. However, this is not an unlikely occurrence considering that bloggers, content providers, and writers alike are battered weekly for topics and ideas.


Surely, even if one is exceptionally gifted with the talent of prose and eloquence, there is bound to be a day where your topics may sound redundant and inauthentic. But, of course, as masters of our art, we do want to avoid this from occurring in a month or broadly, for occurring at all. Just how do ordinary writers like us hurdle this inevitable obstacle of sounding repetitious? Well, let this article serve as a guide as it offers you tips on how to come up with thought-provoking blog posts and articles.


1.)  Capturing and Honing Your Ideas


The human mind, like everything in this world, is finite. There is no magical entity in existence that would grant you original and riveting concepts. But there are ways to produce authentic ideas with consistency. First on your list is to internalize your subject as this is where your base is. Be knowledgeable about your niche and be the first to know about the newest innovations. Educate yourself and strive to push your knowledge to the forefront of your subject. This is where a pool of ideas resides and where you would make a discovery of them.


Secondly, you should collect your ideas the moment they enter your head as you encounter dilemmas and as you discover solutions for them. This is pivotal in unique content creation. Next on your list is to foster your independent thinking. You should at least have an opinion and stand by it. Go against the conventional thinking if you may. Most especially if your line of thought is not commonplace. When you do research, make notes and consider the points as well as the counterpoints.


Additionally, you should learn how to develop your personal ideas. Develop personal opinions in various subjects and have a journal where you can connect topics you will soon be making for your blog. This is where you cultivate your idea seeds and where you will soon make a harvest. Lastly, push your core message and discover what is important to you and align it to the needs of your readers. This is the compelling message that should be in your content.

2.)  Writing Inimitable Blog Entries


With the vastness of the web, it is next to impossible to have unique and fresh topics. However, as writers, we can bring a fresh new spin to existing topics with our unique insight, voice and style. To accomplish this, you need to act quickly. The faster you act, the fresher your content is. This would give your posts a reputation for being trendy as well as newsworthy, making it a must-read for potential visitors.


Secondly, you need to connect using your voice. Be unique, write in your own voice as it will help identify you and revel in your authentic approach in providing content. Let’s face it, in a world of thousands of writers, would you really like to be just like everyone? Get your voice discovered and let your audiences discover you. Apart from that, it is a good idea to experiment to innovate. Brainstorm ideas and do some experiments, if you may. Advancement comes at a risk; so,  if you push your thoughts forward, never be afraid of this. Instead, give them a try.


Lastly, coat your post with a clear and definite purpose. Grab your audiences’ attention and make sure their eyes never leave what they are reading till they reach the very end of your post. Make your post compelling and entertaining enough to read. There are innumerable numbers of inspiring write-ups in the English language alone. You have one post. Make it count.


3.)  Cultivating Your Originality


If there is one thing a writer wants to be, it is to be original. He or she wants her work to be groundbreaking and compelling. However, one writer cannot hold on to that originality he or she once had for a lifetime. To illustrate, say the word “authentic” a hundred times on your head. After a while or so, you will give yourself a headache. And the word itself would feel so out of place and unoriginal. More often than not, you will begin to question if it was a real word at all. Do not let this limit you, corner you and slow down your writing.


Great ideas need time to brew. It means to say you will most likely produce a lot of mediocre articles before something totally riveting and original takes form. But just because it is not happening yet does not mean you have to stop writing altogether. Just enjoy your craft and appreciate that you are able to produce something. Educate yourself on your topic and your niche. Do this and original ideas will eventually come to you.


In sum…


Anything considered art requires real, driven and intense passion. This is especially true if you want to be original and consistent at the same time. You will feel this incessant need to write and bleed all over the page. You need to tap into this insurmountable energy and feel the very importance of it in your very veins.


Say something you have full confidence in. Say it with conviction. Your audience deserves it as much. These are your thoughts, and this is precisely where originality comes from. Let your ideas fly. Remember, originality is not found in just one source. It is found in the connections and experiences you encounter. It is found where the ‘you’ becomes a ‘we’ and where ‘you’ makes a ‘we.’


Write to foster your ideas. They may not always be novel and groundbreaking. However, for every single word you type, you are driving yourself closer to originality than the last word you have thought of.

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