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“Employees are a company’s greatest asset – they’re our competitive advantage. You want to attract and retain the best; provide them with encouragement, stimulus, and make them feel that they are an integral part of the company’s mission. “– Anne M. Mulcahy

If your business is rapidly growing, your employees must have been competent enough in contributing to its success. It would take a great team to achieve a desirable outcome. However, even if they are capable of doing their job well, employees should also not forget they are still under the supervision of their employer. But sometimes, that’s not always been the case. Many employees do not understand what their employers expect them to do, which generally would lead to confusions and committing costly mistakes.

When it comes to competent jobs such as working in an SEO company, it is crucial for every employee or marketer to understand their respective tasks. This is to ensure you know what you need to do to come up with good results. On the other hand, it is also the duty of an employer to assign the tasks accordingly, and clarifying important points to make sure everything is clear. Communication is everything. And as an employer and a marketer, it is crucial for you to know these key points below:


Set clear and realistic goals


A goal is the backbone of the company. Without such, you may not know what and where you’re leading. But keep in mind that it is also difficult to accomplish a task when your goal is not even possible for you to reach. You may have so many things in mind that you want to do, but you also have to know that there are things that are not just applicable for your company. That means you need to break down your thoughts into realistic ones.

As an employer, you should never assume that your employees are aware of these goals. It is your responsibility to have a constructive conversation with them. Determine whether your goals are aligned with the goals set for each employee. Think about what an employee can do or contribute to achieving the goals set for the company. Pay attention to their needs and capability. Collaborating is needed to achieve a better outcome. In this way, you will learn and have a new perspective based on your employees’ opinions and suggestions.

Tell employees that their job matter

Every employee plays a big role in business growth. They have contributed to the success of the company. Unfortunately, it is not all the time motivation would come to our aid. There would be times productivity of an employee would go down, dedication and performance are poor, and not to mention, losing the passion and the love they have for their job. If this continues, obviously the company will suffer. That only means, an employer’s encouragement is crucial in times like these.

Try to focus on the importance of work expectations. Even a single encouragement such as telling your employees how important their skills and capabilities to the company is a big help. And most importantly, try to acknowledge their desire to work hard to achieve a particular goal. It is in this way; you can boost your employees’ esteem and confidence in doing their tasks well.

Clear accountability objectives

Telling your employees the goals of the company, or how crucial it is to do their work well is not enough. They should not just be aware of their respective tasks, but employees should also hold accountable to the happenings within the company. For instance, if there are any inappropriate activities, or even facing disappointed clients, they should know what and what not to do to address such issues. However, if your employee does not know what work for which they are accountable, then they cannot deliver their tasks well.

Again, communication is the key to understanding your employees and the things you expect them to do. Without proper communication, it would be difficult for the team to achieve quality results. A good employer would give their employees a chance to voice out their opinions, suggestions, or any other concerns about their tasks or workplace. In this way, it is easier for the team to address and resolve any problems at work.

Provide advancement opportunities

Apart from giving your employees the right encouragements, did you know that an employee advancement drive performance? That does not mean requiring you to have your employee a formal promotion, though, but letting them understand how to advance themselves in preparation for a higher position matters. Perhaps, you can help them identify what qualities should an employee have to get promoted. Or even provide them with clear goals and expectations.

Employees who receive advancement opportunities from their employers have a higher chance to excel in their field of work. Why? Because they have the reason and the motivation to do so. And of course, with this goal in mind, they will strive harder to for their career growth.

Display a positive attitude

Problems or conflicts are inevitable. Companies may encounter back jobs, disappointed and angry clients, drop sales, and anything that may ruin the reputation and the credibility of a company. Although we may not want these circumstances to happen, sooner or later, your company would also experience such issues. These things are unavoidable considering the line of work. But the good thing is, displaying a positive attitude towards the situation can lessen the pressure and bad vibes in your workplace.

It is important for a team to stay calm during the crisis, to ensure you can clearly think of a better way to address the issue. And most importantly, having the right attitude can help both employer and employee harmonize the workflow of the company.
Understanding the expectation of each employee may be a challenge to every employer. However, these things mentioned above would guide and help you with the things that boost the productivity of every employee.


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