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In the world of SEO, inbound link is an important determining factor to rank on Google. Having a number of quality backlinks can signify how popular a website is and for the search giant, it can serve as a signal that the site is an authority resource hence worth looking at by searchers around the globe.

There are several ways to build links. Writing guest blogs is one of them.

Why Do Reverse Guest Blogging

While guest blogging mainly comprises of you looking for relevant sites to post your content to, it’s exactly the opposite for reverse guest blogging. With the latter, you’re not on the hunt for weblogs anymore. You’re on a lookout for great bloggers instead.

Regardless if you are an SEO company, a food and beverage firm or telecommunications agency, find out the reasons why you should add this to your strategy for guaranteed SEO


1.       You are basically in control. You get to pick who will write on your weblog. All you need to do is find the blogger and offer him or her a space on your website to publish a write-up. Contrary to the usual way where after spending hours on looking for a great blog to submit your article to you are left wondering whether they’ll accept or decline, this method is entirely different. It involves less work on your end. The blogger does all the writing, and more often than not, so does the promotion as well.

2.       Your web traffic and backlinks get boosted. An experienced writer has his own set of following and fans. As he blogs on your site, his loyal audience will most likely check it out which can translate to an increase in your traffic. It can also improve your visibility, link-wise, once the write-up is shared on the top social networks.

3.       You promote good partnership. When you reach out to or in contact with someone who will regularly publish his or her works on your blog, it signifies that you value his skills and enjoy his craft. This promotes good will and strong relationship in the future.

4.       You provide fresh ideas to your readers as well as regular articles to Google. Everyone wants something new once in a while. Doing this will give them a fresh intake about a certain topic you haven’t blogged about yet. It will also catch the attention of the search engine bots as you frequently post on your weblog.

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