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Search engine optimization has been one of the many leading and diverse ways of online marketing. And with this, it is only understandable that certain myths and misconceptions are bound to surface. With regular algorithm updates and new factors influencing search all the time, search engine optimization is moving at quite a fast pace. This is precisely why it is clouded with a rather thick haze of confusion, misattribution and misunderstanding. However, this is why it is a rather pressing need for an SEO company that offers link-building services to dispel these erroneous notions.

There is an urgent need for clarification on this matter because this is what draws potential consumers into your different websites and the more educated they are with search engine optimization, the more receptive they will be to using it. Furthermore, if plenty of users are misled to believe the misapprehension surrounding search engine optimizations, then more and more SEO companies will lose their credibility.

This is precisely what we are trying to avoid, which is why users and visitors alike should be furnished with the correct knowledge of what search engine optimization really is. And the first step to making users understand better is to eliminate whatever fallacies they may have of search engine optimization from the Internet.

Here are some of the most common fallacies about SEO:


1. SEO is nothing but keywords and links

While keywords and links certainly form a great part and role in SEO, they are not the only factors. There are other factors involved that users and visitors should not discount. Everything from the mobile optimization of a website to the social “virality” of a particular content plays a part in search rankings. With Hummingbird’s release, Google is getting a much better grasp at understanding full inquiries in addition to just single keywords, which means placing of keywords at the very front of the title may not be as important.

Google has become more evolved in recognizing the search queries in the context of the sentences surrounding them, even factoring location into some of the search queries. This could only mean that search is becoming more complex with more factors playing a role in the influence of rankings. However, this complexity adds nuance and a sense of comprehension of the context the person is trying to search for. This goes without saying that, you should write for people first and machines (or search engines) second.


  2. When a keyword is not provided, it is an SEO’s ultimate doom.

Recently, Google encrypted all keywords giving users everywhere the misguided impression that it was the end of SEO. However, this would be true should SEO solely be about keywords, then this would be an absolute nightmare for everyone but fortunately, it is not. This is why SEO Companies would rather focus on the content of their website rather than the keywords which herds in visitors into their site.  This is why it is best to go to the analytics of your website and see which pages garnered the highest traffic from organic search (regardless of the keywords) and try to see the common denominator of these pages, and identify what their primary focus is.

It is also wise to engage with your customers. Talk and listen to them about what they were seeking for when they found you and focus on getting tour content seen, spread and shared across social media platforms. This helps you stay relevant. The bottom line is: Google’s keyword encryption is a mere inconvenience but it is certainly not the death of SEO. SEO is about creating information rich, spreadable and relevant content, so why not focus on that instead?


 3. Bing doesn’t really count. So it should be discarded.

Because Bing isn’t as popular as Google, most people disregard it as another option as a search engine. But though people vastly underestimate Bing’s capabilities as a search engine, according to comScore’s October search engine rankings, it received 18.1 percent of searches in the US in April 2013. This is a figure that has doubled since 2009. While it is not remarkable, it has certainly shown improvement. Furthermore, while Bing may not be ready to be at par with Google competition wise as the most widely used search engine, there are plenty of other factors you should be considering. First, Bing has a partnership with Facebook wherein it enables users to search for places and things within their social reach. In addition to that, Bing became the search engine, which powers all of Yahoo searches. Furthermore, Bing’s algorithm is less complex than Google’s and it prioritizes slightly different things, so if Google is not working for you, Bing might be able to present some useful opportunities to you.

And perhaps, the most glaring and obvious feature Bing has is that unlike Google who began encrypting keyword data from its users’ searches, Bing still provides marketers with keyword data. This may not change your prospective customers’ search behavior; there is more opportunity to learn from the keywords that have brought in Bing searchers.

Though optimizing for Google should remain as your main approach, consider that Bing is on the move. That compounded with its strategic partnerships with Facebook and Yahoo should make the search engine and interesting force for online marketers.


4. Linking to my site from the comments is a good idea

Inbound links to your websites are votes of confidence for your content and have a positive impact on your page’s ranking, but what most people forget is that inbound links should be earned. Composing links on the comments section of a blog is not going to help you in that area, which might even annoy some users. Blogs, mostly have “no follow” instructions built into their comments; mainly to avoid spam. This would instruct search engine crawlers to ignore any links found within the comments.

Though it is not necessarily bad to link relevant content in the comments occasionally, one should remember the operative word here: relevance. In fact, should your comment be insightful, it might generate traffic for you, but keep in mind that it is not likely to increase your search rank directly. However, this is not something you should overdo as this can raise red flags with Google. So leave links in comments where they make sense or allow readers to learn more about your comment, which in the first place should be relevant to the content you are commenting for. However, do not expect this to help with SEO.



Aside from making our business grow and gaining profit from it, making it known to the people is also one of our main goals. Firms have their own strategies, processes and strategies on how to build awareness for their products and services. However, other businesses seek SEO consulting services so that their business would be at the top of even the leading firms in their respective industries.

As a business owner and marketer, you may think of various strategies. There might be other people in your company who may have other ideas. However, implementing an SEO strategy will definitely help you with your goals especially if you are just planning to launch your website or integrate corporate blog to your current site.

When hiring an SEO provider, the earlier the better. These consultants will give and help in managing your website as well as making your site placed on the top rank in the search engine. Now, here are some of the core services that any consultant can offer.

SEO consultants review the content structure

Before launching your website, an SEO consultant will review and make sure that the planned contents of your site is engaging enough for the people to read and stay longer on the site and its pages. They will not let you launch your site when you are still not sure about what the content of the page will be about and more so, of the quality of the contents of each page.

SEO consultants will make sure that everything is written clearly and coherent enough for the people to grasp what the company wants to impart to them.

In terms of the content structure, the SEO consultants will make sure that the structure itself is reader-friendly. The contents should be easy to read from the standpoint of the visitors.

SEO consultants develop an engaging content

One of the duties of an SEO consultant is to create and develop engaging and informative contents for your website. They have to know and understand what your company is about for them to write contents that people will love to know about.

Creating highly-engaging contents for your business may be a difficult task for you. Even when you know your product offerings by heart and yet you don’t know the right words to say, you will still struggle. But when you consider hiring an SEO professional, he or she will make the work easier for you and your company.

SEO consultants know just how to grab the attention of the users with the right headlines, for instance, making the people read and dwell on the site. So, why don’t you just let the creative do their job of making great contents for your site?

SEO consultants manage online business development campaigns

SEO consultants don’t just engage your target users, they will also make sure that your website will be one of the top rank searches in the search engine. They will strategize to establish your brand online. For instance, they will put advertisements on other websites through the use of specific tools. Yes, these consultants are knowledgeable of the advanced SEO tools.

Without any online campaigns, for instance, it is categorically impossible to introduce your brand, products, services or even your website to the online consumers. Everyone seems to be connected to the Internet nowadays, and technologies make it easier for us – online marketers – to put our brand where the most number of people can see it.

SEO consultants ensure strong keyword research

Having a strong keyword structure is an advantage because people will easily find your website. The stronger and less competitive your keywords are, the more people will visit your site, clicking and reading the contents of your site. This is particularly true when the keyword fits on what exactly they are looking for.

Strong keywords can also help your website be rank higher, if not highest, on the results pages. That is, if you are using keywords that people usually use when searching with which SEO experts can also help you with. Again, they are using updated tools in finding business-relevant keywords.

SEO consultants specialize in specific markets and geographies

Have you heard of local SEO? Some of these consultants are also experts in specific markets or geographies. This is critical for companies that provide services to the locals such as dental offices, plumbing providers, carpet cleaning services, hair salons, etc. These are the companies that cater to the need of their immediate consumers.

These consumers are buying or engaging in your business. You have to know what specific target market you want to advertise or sell your products to. Of course, you need to know who among these people are into your products too to better provide them with the right products and better serve them.

When you know who and where you want to sell your products, it is easier for you to circulate and expand your businesses, right?

Finally, SEO consultants are trained and experienced

Not all SEO companies can be trusted. If you have issues trusting your company to just any consulting services, you are not alone. Perhaps, you are afraid of being scammed and your business and reputation might be at risk.

With this, you really need to find well-trained, highly-skilled and well-experienced SEO providers. Make sure that the consultant(s) that you are hiring have the skills that qualified as a professional SEO consultant. They will not be able to work as SEO consultants when they don’t have enough knowledge of how they can help businesses grow regardless of what the industry the business belongs to.

Find those consultants who are mindful when it comes to working with just any company. These people make sure that their performances are outstanding so as to achieve the SEO goals that they have helped creating in the first place.

There are many ways by which SEO consultants may help you in growing your business. If you will notice it, a consulting service can be an entire SEO team who will help you from the ground up. Nevertheless, your job is finding a service provider that is proficient and professional.

Every one of us wants to achieve that momentum in our lives where we can be as successful as we wanted to be. It may be in the field of technology, such as creating a start up link building services firm, or music such as building up a career in it. There are in fact lots of ways to do it, but some of us, especially the Millennials who needed more push and motivation to make this a real thing, should have clearer views on why you should chase the dream.

How do you define success?

As the saying from Tony Robbins goes, “Success is doing what you want, when you want, where you want, with whom you want as much as you want,” there is that itch that comes right out from your gut that makes you agree on it. After all, I guess we are on the same page, right?

To us (or many of us), to be successful is just how Mr. Robbins grabbed the whole idea into a one-sentence streak of epiphany. And by doing so, we should be getting closer to making that move and realizing that dream.

Below are some reasons why being a Millennial entrepreneur is a much more exciting feat than any other 9-5 hour pay job you should have:

You have the passion and the reason to do things.

Yes, all of us might have that. But for a Millennial who wants to pursue entrepreneurship at a whole new level, first and foremost, should know that passion is what should drive you. In addition to that, for the passion to be fuelled and to make it stronger than ever, you should believe in yourself that you have the correct reasons why you wanted to pursue this in the first place.

Success from doing what you want is one reason for you to go on, but that should not be the end goal. Knowingly, success becomes the fruit of doing what you love, out of passion. And by having that in place, you are so far doing it right. Just have the heart and mind to push for it.

You are an expert at something.

This means you have the knowledge to make things better. Being an expert should be something you want to be proud about, but you can be proud about it as much as you want as long as you have put that expertise to good use. People acknowledging your work, I guess, is something one can truly say that his or her existence is as better as not being able to let the world know.

Being expert at something is just the same as saying that you have a creative knowledge and idea to make things go further—better. With this, it aims to be more innovative and to push for others to also learn from you.

 It drives you crazy when you think you can do better.

It is not about being conceited but oftentimes, the righteous selves within us wants to be unleashed because we know something that others do not know— one key you can use in order to lead. As an entrepreneur, you should always find ways in order to be better and be able to help out in the society, in one way or another. By making this as a mantra, you will surely make way to that path of success.

You have the resources. 

Others may have, but not everyone will. If you think you are one of the ‘others’ who has the resources to pursue such endeavour—lucky you. Not everyone who wants to start right away (given with the ideas they have in mind) can’t immediately do so because there are hindrances that can’t be disregarded, but hey, this should not be a reason for you to slack off.

Having enough resources like funding, savings and other forms is a gem for an aspiring entrepreneur because money is a need for you to push through. However, despite not having enough funds, it is a sure ball that there are still other ways you can bargain with.

You want to earn (of course).

Simply put, you want to earn cash. And not just cash, but hard-earned cash! It would not make sense if you want to be an entrepreneur if you don’t have profit. Yet, this thought should not eat you up after reaching that certain kind of success everyone dreams of.

There are others who want to earn enough cash to pay the bills, have a decent meal everyday, a roof under the head and perhaps some wheels for your transfers in meeting clients. And some would want to go places, visit different countries, see the world and still make things happen.

You want to have your own flexible time.

Sure you want to own your time, do what you want, whenever you want to. Having a flexible work schedule is something one would be chasing to have. Aside from that, it also helps to adapt this kind of working lifestyle because it will also be healthy for you, at some point.

And mind you, this is the ultimate dream.

You want to change the course of the world.

Change is something everyone is and will always be dealing with on a daily basis. As an entrepreneur, it is safe to say that you have the world in your hands. You are presented by a lot of opportunities and possibilities and it is your goal how you could ace the game in the industry you are in.

Let us say for example, you wanted to put up an SEO company that normally does link building services among clients’ websites and rankings. It is a very usual feat to do for such nature of company. But in order for you to change the ‘course of the world’, you need to be innovative. You need to come up with more new ways and approaches that will serve what the world needs.

Goals are important, and as far as making ambitions, dreaming big is always welcome. As long as again, you strive hard to make it work and turn it into a realisation. In the end, the world will thank you for doing so.  This is to motivate that anyone with the dream can naturally pursue one as long as you have, again, the reason and passion to make things happen, one step at a time.

Wondering if you can produce more content to increase your site’s performance but have been missing a lot because of too much information? You may even have been jammed by a lot of things online and can’t decide how to simply put the marketing strategy. Well, just like any other SEO company that is aiming for the same goal as you, here are some tips on how to boost your content marketing strategy and make those write ups shareable online.

Know your audience

Take time to research the demographics of the different social media marketing platforms you will be using to share. Continue to be updated on what your audience interests are, what they are doing and what their needs and wants are. By this, it would be easier for you to create the information you want to give because you now have the idea of what your audience’s continuing needs and interests are.


Keep content relevant

Check also what your customers are sharing on social media. By this, you can base your content on what you have extracted from those social media sharing. You can also keep track on what contents to write and to share. Making your content unique is also one factor to make your content strategy even more effective and worthy to be read and shared because it contains your audience’s interests.

Constant self-reference is a no-no

Direct your message to your readers to stimulate engagement. Make it more personalized by using the word “you.” In this way, your posts will directly address the interest of your community.  As much as possible, make it to a point that what you have as contents will illustrate the benefits your business has to offer and not just something that tells them what you are and what you do.  As social scientist Dan Zarella says, “Stop talking about yourself.” Instead, “start talking as yourself.”


Share what works

Content sharing becomes plausibly effective if you know which works or not. And by this, it would mean creating collaterals that are effective and efficient. Consider also your own time schedule and talents. There are different formats wherein you can communicate your message. Some examples are writing short-form articles, infographics, photographs, short product demos or instructional videos, etc. Choose which format is more comfortable for you which will not only reveal what your business is like, but also on how creative you can get in relaying a message to your readers.


In content sharing, curating can be a necessary way in order to create relevant and shareable articles. It may sound like a lot of work because curating would need a human being to find and read and qualify digital content that is relevant to your readers. There are advantages on why curating is also a good move for a business. It is because in sharing content from others, your audience will look to you as a reliable source for information on a specific topic. Moreover, it would benefit you on broadening the conversation with others within your industry from being a third-party content sharer.

Write headlines

And not just any headline, but unequivocally humane headlines. There is nothing more notable and read-worthy than a very humane content title. By this, it would mean making topics that are interesting for humans to read like lifestyle, food, home, news, business or technology and relationships, the least. These are primarily categorized as highly shared topics because they tend to be very ‘human’ by nature.

Topics that discuss ‘what we eat’ or ‘how we live’ make up a huge portion of what we share online. And that is a challenge for content marketers to begin directing headlines in that direction.

Measure emotional value 

Emotions are what best triggers a human’s interest. Contents that contain such emotion-driven words or images prompt your readers and may allow them to share these to their friends which can be of good use or to let them share the same emotion inflicted upon them. More so, measuring the emotional value of your contents would help you know which and what kind of contents you should focus on and write about.

Content can be properly viewed

Contents, in this case, should be properly viewed in such a way that it can be accessed across different platforms and devices. Most web traffic is now coming from mobile devices, but sometimes—if not all—content does not look good or convert well for mobile visitors. Hence, it should be noted that your website content should be optimized for smartphone and tablet devices, so that readers can effectively consume the content.

Responsive design is one solution to this kind of problem. With regard to website ranking in search results, it is important to take this into consideration because Google is now including this standard for mobile user experiences. So if your site is not providing users with a great cross-platform experience, you may be putting your site at risk of losing Google ranking as well as prospective customers.

Make navigation easy

Users should be able to easily navigate around your website and quickly find what they are looking for. Navigation is one key feature a website could probably make or break its statistics. It enables the readers scan through your website, read from left to right, top to bottom and see what they can benefit from your website content presentation. With just a few clicks, probably made the experience worthwhile for the readers, which means, sales.

Tell a story 

Telling a story may be as easy as 1, 2, 3 but doing so would mean making it interesting. You can present your product by making a brief story of how customers would solve an on going problem with your product by doing it in a creative way.

Provide product reviews

Customers would love to read legit product reviews especially when they are looking out for more details on how they could benefit from your products or services. Provide a platform that makes it easy for visitors to access product reviews and comparisons.

You should be trustworthy 

Your site visitors would want to know that you are a trusted business. By this, it would also mean a lot for your readers if they see customer testimonials on your site that would speak highly about your product and services.

Quality over quantity

This is pretty much explainable. Although sometimes, contents are just being disposed with no further research and are written without pure depth and for content’s sake, which is pretty much a flawed approach. More pages or copy does not equate more traffic, engagement or sales. What’s important is your content delivers value (whether informative or pure entertainment) to your consumers, and therefore your brand.


Brand your content 

Your contents should say a lot about you, even if it only means having an infographic or an image or a video that is being shared. Make it to a point that your content associates and at the same time, complements your business’ brand. And with that, it would not only mean having being remembered, but also, allowing your readers, consumers and your audience that it is you they are reading, sharing and talking about.

In the world of SEO, inbound link is an important determining factor to rank on Google. Having a number of quality backlinks can signify how popular a website is and for the search giant, it can serve as a signal that the site is an authority resource hence worth looking at by searchers around the globe.

There are several ways to build links. Writing guest blogs is one of them.

Why Do Reverse Guest Blogging

While guest blogging mainly comprises of you looking for relevant sites to post your content to, it’s exactly the opposite for reverse guest blogging. With the latter, you’re not on the hunt for weblogs anymore. You’re on a lookout for great bloggers instead.

Regardless if you are an SEO company, a food and beverage firm or telecommunications agency, find out the reasons why you should add this to your strategy for guaranteed SEO


1.       You are basically in control. You get to pick who will write on your weblog. All you need to do is find the blogger and offer him or her a space on your website to publish a write-up. Contrary to the usual way where after spending hours on looking for a great blog to submit your article to you are left wondering whether they’ll accept or decline, this method is entirely different. It involves less work on your end. The blogger does all the writing, and more often than not, so does the promotion as well.

2.       Your web traffic and backlinks get boosted. An experienced writer has his own set of following and fans. As he blogs on your site, his loyal audience will most likely check it out which can translate to an increase in your traffic. It can also improve your visibility, link-wise, once the write-up is shared on the top social networks.

3.       You promote good partnership. When you reach out to or in contact with someone who will regularly publish his or her works on your blog, it signifies that you value his skills and enjoy his craft. This promotes good will and strong relationship in the future.

4.       You provide fresh ideas to your readers as well as regular articles to Google. Everyone wants something new once in a while. Doing this will give them a fresh intake about a certain topic you haven’t blogged about yet. It will also catch the attention of the search engine bots as you frequently post on your weblog.

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